Definition of self-advertisement in English:



mass noun
  • The active publicization of oneself.

    ‘he turned the group into a vehicle for self-advertisement’
    • ‘It is enjoyed because the food is designed to please the customer rather than to serve as a vehicle for the chef's self-advertisement.’
    • ‘The sombre story ends with Jasper's success, the triumph of self-advertisement over artistic conscience.’
    • ‘In the interests of good business the more enterprising among them published periodicals in which they indulged in self-advertisement and exchanged ideas about activities in a dancing school.’
    • ‘I once interviewed him for radio in front of a live audience and it was immediately clear that he had a politician's power over a crowd without a political candidate's stench of self-advertisement.’
    • ‘It is an organic identity and it is not British to feel the need for self-advertisement.’
    • ‘The body of fragmentary biographical material presented here owes its existence to Horn's impulse to self-advertisement.’
    • ‘His self-advertisement was so overstated that it carried no hint of calculation.’
    • ‘He ranks high among the great detectives of fiction but does so unobtrusively, disdaining self-advertisement.’
    • ‘He had a talent for self-advertisement and had built himself up into a picturesque figure given to gnomic utterances about his own significance in the world.’
    • ‘There is a sense that what we are watching, for all its painfulness, has less to do with self-examination than self-advertisement.’
    ostentation, showiness, show, showing off, ostentatiousness, pretentiousness, pretension, vulgarity, conspicuousness, obtrusiveness, display, flamboyance, gaudiness, garishness, tawdriness, meretriciousness, brashness, loudness, extravagance, ornateness, theatricality
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