Definition of self-absorbed in English:



  • Preoccupied with one's own feelings, interests, or situation.

    ‘they are too self-absorbed to listen carefully to others’
    • ‘John gazes longingly at her but never dreams of making a move, despite his wife's spiral into self-absorbed hostility.’
    • ‘He is a prig, a holy terror, a self-absorbed, insensitive pain.’
    • ‘It is a shallow, angry, self-absorbed, beautifully made excuse for a movie.’
    • ‘The new restaurant is a great success and allows her to continue her indulgence of the increasingly greedy and self-absorbed Veda.’
    • ‘He highlights his disregard for self-absorbed authoritarianism.’
    • ‘In this sleazoid farce, individuals coexist in insular states of self-absorbed eccentricity.’
    • ‘Unshaven, scruffy, with greasy brown hair, he slouches in a woollen ski hat, totally self-absorbed.’
    • ‘The characters remained self-absorbed, oblivious to conventional morality or the pieties of political correctness.’
    • ‘She is sweet, calculating, eager, and very self-absorbed.’
    • ‘She becomes involved with a self-absorbed, internationally known ballet star who discards women like used candy wrappers.’