Definition of self-abnegation in English:



mass noun
  • The denial or abasement of oneself.

    ‘she turned the letter into a grovelling form of self-abnegation’
    • ‘The whole book is an exercise in self-love, disguised as an exercise in self-abnegation.’
    • ‘This form of self-abnegation and inability to assert oneself embarrasses the boys and leads them to react violently against those whom they perceive are treating them as second-class citizens.’
    • ‘Thus, they describe a path to international cooperation that does not require assumptions of altruism or self-abnegation on the part of individual states.’
    • ‘Obeying the guru required discipline and self-abnegation, an exercise that was always beneficial to the spiritual aspirant.’
    • ‘Submission to authority, self-abnegation and conformism had led the Japanese to disaster.’
    • ‘Basically, after years of self-abnegation, Britain now has an old fashioned tax-and-spend government.’
    • ‘He seemed to conjure up contradictory feelings of self-abnegation and self-righteousness, of the need for charity and the compulsion to talk about one's personal sense of sacrifice.’
    • ‘The shoes are the telling detail, proof that the song's protagonist has slipped from stability into a downward spiral of apathy and self-abnegation.’
    • ‘Rather, Gandhi's environmentalism had its roots in a deep antipathy to urban civilization and a belief in self-sufficiency, in self-abnegation and denial rather than wasteful consumption.’
    • ‘By then, however, American simplicity entailed the mass consumption of mass-produced commodities, not the virtuous self-abnegation of the Revolutionary generation.’
    • ‘The unhappy habit of self-abnegation seems to be unbreakable.’
    • ‘The balance between self-abnegation and violent self-assertion, between masochism and sadism, between empowerment and domination is highly precarious in this relationship.’
    • ‘Selflessness also lies at the core of what is essential in a general, for both moral and physical courage derive from self-abnegation.’
    • ‘Some religious traditions indeed predicate apocalyptic hope on a lifetime of self-abnegation and the renunciation of all individual markers of significance and distinction.’
    austerity, self-denial, abstinence, abstemiousness, non-indulgence, self-discipline, frugality, simplicity, rigour, strictness, severity
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