Definition of self-abasing in English:



  • Belittling or degrading oneself.

    ‘a timid, defensive, self-abasing response’
    • ‘In the films the message is women want a ring at all self-abasing costs.’
    • ‘He is also capable of equally disturbing acts of pure, self-abasing masochism.’
    • ‘Vegans and vegetarians may be so sensitive to the stereotype of annoying militant radical that we remain a little shy, or a little self-abasing, about our diet and lifestyle ethics.’
    • ‘It got no publicity in the media, being drowned out by self-abasing gibberish.’
    • ‘Proust was almost uniquely self-abasing, seeming to believe that the nature of friendship demanded that he turn into the most compliant and self-denying of figures.’
    • ‘Posner has resigned himself to loving Dinah in the self-abasing tradition of courtly love, the object forever unattainable.’
    • ‘The rich man knew that his son was ignorant and self-abasing.’
    • ‘The distrustful, the self-abasing, the mendicant flatterers, and above all the liars: it is a fundamental belief of all aristocrats that the common people are untruthful.’
    • ‘The American neocons only ever had contempt for this self-abasing style of diplomacy.’
    • ‘The self-abasing masochist anthem "Nothing" is spoilt by the unnecessary elongation of a vocal chant coda.’