Definition of selective attention in English:

selective attention


mass nounPsychology
  • The capacity for or process of reacting to certain stimuli selectively when several occur simultaneously.

    • ‘To illustrate the use of confidence intervals in this context, consider a study in which different groups of subjects are assigned to different conditions in a study of selective attention involving Stroop stimuli.’
    • ‘One cognitive process that has shown that shift is selective attention, which is the ability of a person to focus on one stimulus while ignoring others.’
    • ‘She has chosen to complete her dissertation with a study on selective attention and the cognitive effects of dopamine replacement therapy in individuals with Parkinson's Disease.’
    • ‘Many cognitive psychologists also examine the effects of selective attention.’
    • ‘This reconfiguration code could involve selective attention to the task-relevant stimulus set or memory for the relevant category associations.’