Definition of selectee in English:



  • 1A person who is selected.

    • ‘Such assumptions, on the part of both selectors and selectees, are in my view wholly unjustified, and I hope we have accumulated enough examples by now for you to understand why.’
    • ‘The selectees from the municipal departments were basically the leaders of the news departments or their spokespersons.’
    • ‘They ought to discuss regularly with the coach and captain to ensure that programs are developed for their selectees.’
    1. 1.1US A conscript.
      • ‘To the selectees AAFES presented a $250 certificate towards the purchase of a new Army Physical Fitness uniform.’
      • ‘The reserve component stop loss announced earlier this year, however, requires all Reserve and National Guard soldiers, including promotion selectees, to remain with their units through deployment, plus an additional three months.’
      • ‘The Board results are normally made public officially in January once approved by the Chief of the Military Intelligence Corps and the Corps has completed notification of the selectees.’