Definition of select committee in English:

select committee


  • A small legislative committee appointed for a special purpose:

    [in titles] ‘the Commons Select Committee on the Environment’
    • ‘Shortly we will have this sort of legislation being debated before many select committees, and we will have a chance to revisit that original legislation.’
    • ‘I do note that I am already on two select committees, plus the Business Committee.’
    • ‘It gets a chance to examine legislation in a select committee and votes against it.’
    • ‘Well, we all know that the Government has the numbers on select committees.’
    • ‘It is now spread across a number of pieces of legislation, each of which has been considered separately by select committees, but none of which has had that overview.’
    • ‘If this bill goes to the select committee, the committee will need to look at that area.’
    • ‘Throughout two Parliaments we have had two select committees work on this bill, and I thank those committees for the work they have done.’
    • ‘I think the bill has certainly changed in the course of its time with the select committee, but that is the reason we have select committees.’
    • ‘On the other hand, in referring the bill to the select committee we do not accept the self-denying role that select committees give themselves in looking at these treaty settlements.’
    • ‘He said that members should be well aware that, despite the fact there would be a lighter legislative programme, select committees should expect to work through adjournments.’
    • ‘There was no opportunity for the select committee to hear this part of the legislation.’
    • ‘It is simply not good enough for officials to drop legislation and then put pressure on select committees to meet their timetable.’
    • ‘I know that some members have to attend select committees, but I want to hear this speech in silence, apart from the usual sorts of comments.’
    • ‘This was a part of the legislation to which the select committee put in a huge amount of effort.’
    • ‘It is a reality that all members of the House, at some stage or other, have to take leave from the Chamber to attend select committees and caucus committees, and for other natural reasons.’
    • ‘Members of Parliament appointed to select committees are appointed by this House, not by themselves, or by the parties.’
    • ‘The Government is not in charge of select committees - select committees are.’
    • ‘Yet again I am appalled by the way this Government rams legislation through select committees.’
    • ‘I am in the rather unusual position of standing here and saying that I will be supporting the referral of two Government bills to select committees.’
    • ‘If members have select committees to go to, they can.’


select committee