Definition of seisin in English:


(also seizin)


mass nounLaw
  • 1Possession of land by freehold.

    ‘seisin is the concept which connects the person with the land itself’
    count noun ‘a title based on an older seisin’
    • ‘If the property is not restored, the defendant is to be warned to appear before the bailiffs to show reason why they should not award damages and seisin of the property to the plaintiff.’
    • ‘There is, moreover, a further point not taken by any of the experts on Italian law which seems to me to have a bearing on the question of seisin.’
    • ‘Taking account of this general proposition, the question of seisin in this context must be decided in accordance with the national procedural laws of Contracting States.’
    • ‘If the jurors found he was, he was awarded seisin.’
    • ‘Had they completed the purchase of the option, those rights would have been extinguished by unity of seisin.’
    1. 1.1British historical Possession, especially of land.
      ‘Richard Fitzhugh did not take seisin of his lands until 1480’
      • ‘As one biographer reported: ‘Before the archbishop's men could get seisin of the manor, there was nothing left on them - not an ox nor a cow, capon or hen, horse, pig, sheep or full bin of corn.’’
      • ‘Since the earliest times, title to land has been based on a form of possession, technically called seisin.’


Middle English: from Old French seisine, from saisir ‘seize’.