Definition of segmental in English:



  • 1Consisting of or divided into segments.

    • ‘As we have previously demonstrated, segmental allergen exposure induces a vigorous inflammatory response in the asthmatic airway.’
    • ‘In the evolution of vertebrates, long bodies with continuously flexible notochords and segmental muscles existed before the appearance of segmental vertebrae.’
    • ‘We evaluated the tracheal wall, whereas previous reports used bifurcation specimens from lobar or segmental bronchi.’
    • ‘Others are segments of approximately equal size, a small population, foreign threats, countrywide loyalties that counteract segmental loyalties, and pre-existing traditions of consensus.’
    • ‘Given the debate about the segmental composition of the thorax, it is interesting to note that there is no evidence in the earliest millipedes known that the thorax was diplopodocus.’
    • ‘Weathered specimens can also break along the segmental boundaries and expose additional structures, the so-called segmental diaphragms.’
    • ‘Some aspects of the segmental pattern are rescued, with more naked cuticle separating the denticle belts.’
    • ‘Although the presence of such duplications has been suggested previously, this is the first substantial evidence of a segmental duplication that post-dates the evolution of the Brassica and Arabidopsis lineages.’
    • ‘This early phase of expression in proliferating segmental precursors may impart basic positional information which the expressing cell ‘remembers’ during later morphogenesis.’
    1. 1.1Phonetics Denoting or relating to the division of speech into segments.
  • 2Architecture
    Having the form of an arch of which the curved part forms a shallow arc of a circle, less than a semicircle.

    • ‘The molded brick water table jogs over basement windows with segmental arches.’
    • ‘Notable features are the parapet above the third-floor cornice and the segmental window frames.’
    • ‘The deck is being constructed with curving precast segmental elements, cast on-site, that add to the attractiveness of the project.’
    • ‘Missing from the Georgian facade are the earlier vernacular features of glazed headers, segmental arch windows, and a belt course.’
    • ‘The bridge spans the river with a 15 m segmental arch and a tall overhead arch was built at the eastern end of the bridge with smaller arches on the sides for pedestrians.’