Definition of Sefer in English:


nounPlural Sifrei

  • 1A book of Hebrew religious literature.

    ‘the writing of the Sefer Yesirah’
    • ‘It is framed by countings in both its opening and closing, and many (including Netziv and Ramban) have commented on this particular structure, noting that it informs us of the very essence of the Sefer.’
    • ‘This Sefer suggests that Moshe here was really wondering what he would do if Paroh would listen to him while his own people reject him.’
    • ‘Sefer Vayikra is referred to by the name Torat Kohanim because the Sefer consists mainly of korbanot and other rituals performed by the Kohanim.’
    • ‘The Sefer starts off with a detailed counting of Bnai Yisrael.’
    • ‘This is a powerful way of starting Mishnah Torah, the last Sefer in the Chumash.’
    1. 1.1 A scroll containing the Torah or Pentateuch.


From Hebrew sēp̱er tōrāh ‘book of (the) Law’.