Definition of seeing in English:



seeing as/that
  • Because; since.

    ‘seeing that I'm awake, I might as well come with you’
    • ‘The two end up marrying other mates, though why is never fully explained seeing as they're clearly obsessed with one another.’
    • ‘It's refreshing also to see Posey grab hold of a role like this, seeing as she hasn't had anything substantive to sink her talents into of late.’
    • ‘It is only natural especially seeing as Argentina was kind enough to accept as many Irish people as possible in the 19th century.’
    • ‘He hardly could, seeing as the stickers can be ordered for free through the party's official website’
    • ‘Actually that's a tough one, seeing as I like all the nominated albums.’
    • ‘Perhaps, he suggested, we should be beyond that, seeing as the situation is so new, complex and unprecedented.’
    • ‘I can refer to you by whatever offensive terminology I like without defaming you, seeing as you're a person of public interest.’
    • ‘He probably feels like he needs to help you, seeing as London is full of crazed taxi drivers.’
    • ‘You may want to have a strong cup of coffee before going, seeing as this party is slated to run until 8 a.m.’
    • ‘The second track, Powerless, is surely a song we have all heard, seeing as it's the first single off her album.’
    • ‘Now is such a great time to go home, seeing as I don't ‘do’ football.’
    • ‘Well, seeing as how no-one was queueing up to write my blog while I wasn't, I suppose I'd best get back to writing it myself.’
    • ‘What is the helping agent's toxicity, seeing as it is not licensed in the US?’
    • ‘It would be a little ironic if it was, seeing as the movie is constructed as a series of episodes along the route to the perfect noodle restaurant.’
    • ‘Also, communism seemed the chic thing to explore, seeing as I was a disillusioned young university student.’
    • ‘We got 16 out of 20 which I thought was pretty good seeing as I only knew 7 or 8 of them and hadn't heard of any of the rest!’
    • ‘My brain has apparently simply up and died on me, seeing as how I am sitting here without any typing going on, just staring at a blank screen.’
    • ‘The only thing wrong with it is that the songs are a bit samey, but seeing as the album is less than 40 minutes long, this doesn't bother me much.’
    • ‘Some women will take offence to such a frivolous comment, especially seeing as most of us view this as a serious topic of conversation.’
    • ‘Home I went seeing as I didn't have my water wings with me.’


mass noun
  • 1The action of seeing someone or something.

    • ‘Then the audience takes note of what that means, the act of seeing.’
    1. 1.1Astronomy The quality of observed images as determined by atmospheric conditions.
      ‘he had given the seeing as ‘fair’’


  • seeing is believing

    • proverb You need to see something before you can accept that it really exists or occurs.

      • ‘There were some people who had given up on it, but now seeing is believing.’
      • ‘We want them to see because we're foolish enough to think that seeing is believing.’
      • ‘Well, seeing is believing and one only hopes it will be worth the wait.’
      • ‘If seeing is believing, the army's video of the event might have settled the debate.’
      • ‘I've seen the newspaper story and photo and seeing is believing.’
      • ‘If seeing is believing, the genuine road user today has to be content with very little space on city roads.’
      • ‘I guess it sort of means that seeing is believing and this is the safest option for a lot of people who don't quite ‘get’ faith.’
      • ‘If seeing is believing, we give you a sample of the buffet spread on Friday night.’
      • ‘If seeing is believing, this one sure did prove the line right.’
      • ‘There would be two possible criticisms of someone who claims that (for example) seeing is believing.’