Definition of seediness in English:



  • See seedy

    • ‘At the bar there's loud music and bad boys and girls and a sweet seediness, and nobody's talking about being good, even though the mix of music and humanity brims with a palpable goodness.’
    • ‘Even its architecture mimics the conflict between seediness and sophistication in a disreputable world posing as the most refined city in the East.’
    • ‘Many of the crimes he investigated were around Deansgate in the 1870s when it was the most dangerous area of the city, infamous for its squalor and seediness, disease and depravity.’
    • ‘A big port and associated seediness do not together a tourist attraction make, but only a few streets away - on the other side of a narrow neck of land - lies Playa de las Canteras.’
    • ‘She captures the seediness, deprivation and violence on the mean streets of Bradford well in her assured but frill-free prose.’