Definition of seed fern in English:

seed fern


  • another term for pteridosperm
    • ‘One example, from the Calhoun Flora of Illinois, is a seed fern that bears prepollen (a kind of microspore) far bigger than any known wind-dispersed pollen.’
    • ‘There is some agreement that both living and extinct cycads were derived from seed ferns, but paleobotanists still debate exactly if, when, and how this happened.’
    • ‘Large plants were dominantly conifers, followed by lesser amounts of cycads, seed ferns, and ginkgos.’
    • ‘Furthermore, many of these so called ‘preferns’, have been previously - and often equally convincingly - assigned to such varied groups as lycopsids, seed ferns, and intermediates between sphenopsids and ferns.’
    • ‘Glossopteris, for example, was an extinct seed fern with distinctive leaf patterns.’