Definition of see something through in English:

see something through

phrasal verb

  • Persist with an undertaking until it is completed.

    • ‘The rest would stay on to see the factory through to its closure in the second half of 2005.’
    • ‘They know that we must see this thing through, until we have a reliable guarantee up to 2010 and beyond.’
    • ‘In the coming months, he will have to retain the support of the main sporting organisations if he is to follow orders and see the task through.’
    • ‘Dutiful as ever, he will remain at Carlton until January to see the deal through.’
    • ‘We're going to accept the risks, and we're going to see it through until the job is done.’
    • ‘It's a time to be staying there and seeing it through.’
    • ‘She has stayed on longer than planned to see the club through its move to the new facilities.’
    • ‘Bush, he said, deserves the admiration of Americans for being willing to undertake the mission and see it through to the end.’
    • ‘Investors should also stay patient and see their scheme through to maturity to avoid heavy withdrawal penalties.’
    • ‘But the Dumbarton MSP will probably have to stay in place to see the campaign through.’
    bring to completion, continue to the end, bring to a finish
    persevere with, persist with, carry on with, go on with, keep at, keep on with, keep going with, keep up, not give up with, follow through, press ahead with, press on with, plod on through, plough on through, stay with
    not take no for an answer
    plug away at, peg away at, stick at, soldier on with, stick something out, stick to one's guns, hang in there
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