Definition of see something of in English:

see something of

phrasal verb

  • 1Spend a specified amount of time with (someone) socially.

    ‘we saw a lot of the Bakers’
    • ‘She's 18 and not working at the moment so I'll be seeing a fair bit of her, though she spends most of her time with her boyfriend.’
    • ‘But after their first ‘alone’ date, they saw ever-increasing amounts of each other.’
    • ‘With him taking Easter off, the keeper and the club captain are going to be seeing a lot of each other next weekend.’
    • ‘Jesper, the Swede who sees a lot of Langer on the Tour, is another who is in awe of his achievements.’
    1. 1.1 Spend some time in (a place)
      ‘I want to see something of those countries’