Definition of see sense (or reason) in English:

see sense (or reason)


  • Realize that one is wrong and start acting sensibly.

    ‘our aim is to make them see sense and leave us alone’
    • ‘If anyone has any information about these fires, or knows anyone involved please try to make them see sense.’
    • ‘I just hope they see sense before it's too late and throw these plans out.’
    • ‘He added: ‘I hope the Government sees sense and rejects graphic warnings on the packet.’’
    • ‘He said: ‘It is thanks to everyone who has worked extremely hard and thank you to the councillor for seeing reason.’’
    • ‘I have to hope that everybody sees sense and it doesn't come to court.’
    • ‘We're hoping that the employers see sense and will behave like honourable people and give us our long-overdue pay rise.’
    • ‘We just hope they sort it out quickly, someone has got to see sense.’
    • ‘The justice minister must now see sense and stop this local problem becoming a national disaster.’
    • ‘One can only hope that Leeds sees sense and changes its plans.’
    • ‘We will be keeping in regular touch with their shareholders, and hope they will see sense and relent.’