Definition of see red in English:

see red


  • Become very angry suddenly.

    ‘the mere thought of Piers with Nicole made her see red’
    • ‘And a new financial crisis has police in St. Bernard Parish seeing red.’
    • ‘Well, the topic of Christmas greenery has residents in one Florida county seeing red.’
    • ‘It's far too soon to know if there will be any takers, but at first brush France still appears to be seeing red.’
    • ‘Why he was suddenly seeing red over the same man he'd been berating all week, he didn't know.’
    • ‘These are the thoughts that have pro-war conservatives seeing red.’
    • ‘Protesters wore red to the rally to symbolise that the community was seeing red over the issue.’
    • ‘But when I see money being spent (and natural resources depleted) to make people more miserable, it just makes me see red.’
    • ‘Recent damage in local woodlands to hides on a lake, and to equipment on the playing field, plus damage to a lamppost opposite the village hall has made councillors see red.’
    • ‘They are reading things like this and seeing red.’
    • ‘Allotment holders are seeing red after burglaries and raids by vandals left their gardens in a mess.’
    become very angry, become enraged, go into a rage, lose one's temper
    get mad, go mad, go crazy, go wild, go bananas, hit the roof, go through the roof, go up the wall, go off the deep end, fly off the handle, blow one's top, blow a fuse, blow a gasket, lose one's rag, go ape, flip, flip one's lid, go non-linear, go ballistic, go psycho
    go spare, go crackers, do one's nut
    flip one's wig, blow one's lid, blow one's stack
    go apeshit
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