Definition of sedge in English:



  • A grasslike plant with triangular stems and inconspicuous flowers, growing typically in wet ground. Sedges are widely distributed throughout temperate and cold regions.

    Family Cyperaceae: Carex and other genera

    • ‘Marl prairie is a relatively diverse floristic association dominated by grasses, sedges, and rushes growing on thin limestone soils that are seasonally flooded.’
    • ‘The precise detail in illustrations of flowers and seeds of sedges and rushes are a valuable aid with their identification.’
    • ‘Plant matter usually consists of the seeds of grasses, sedges, and pond-weeds.’
    • ‘There's the blue and white of bluebells and wood anemones, celandines and sedges, orchids, and especially good ferns.’
    • ‘It is a sad and spectral landscape of thin, undulating, sandy soils, pine trees, reeds, broom, sedges and whispering dry grasses, under those endless, two-tone Russian skies.’
    • ‘Dry grasses and some sedges cover the meadow during the dry season (March-July) when I conducted this study.’
    • ‘Also present are bog asphodel, deer grass and sedges such as slender sedge and bog sedge.’
    • ‘Some of the smaller plants that grow here are fire snag, wild rose, Labrador tea, bearberry, sedges, eriacaceous shrubs, cottongrass, moss, sphagnum moss, feathermoss, bog cranberry, and blueberry.’
    • ‘Terrestrial annuals represented a diverse group of species, with 60 of them classified as herbs, 18 as sedges and 17 as grasses.’
    • ‘While most sedges possess triangular stems, its stem is round in cross section.’
    • ‘Soras eat seeds from smartweeds, sedges, and grasses.’
    • ‘The herbaceous vegetation would have been rich and diverse, including, for example, cattail, buttonbush, numerous sedges, grasses and rushes, and bushy willows and alder.’
    • ‘Grasses, sedges and bamboos are grown mostly for their foliage and anything that enhances that effect is worth having.’
    • ‘Across South America, fiber string is traditionally made not only from palms but also from sedges, succulent plants, cotton, and even a wild relative of the pineapple.’
    • ‘I've planted cannas, water lettuce, nymphaeas, sedges, and waterlilies in my water gardens.’
    • ‘They nest on the ground, among sedges or grasses close to water.’
    • ‘Botanical species in this ancient ecosystem included sagebrush, bluegrass, sedges, and herbs.’
    • ‘Mallards are omnivorous, eating seeds, stems, and roots from a variety of aquatic plants, especially sedges, grasses, pondweeds, and smartweeds.’
    • ‘For example, at Magela Creek, northern Australia, hydrophilic palms and mangroves proximal to the waterhole give way to fire-prone sedges, grasses and paperbark on the dry floodbasin.’
    • ‘The cover of ferns, woody plants, and sedges was excluded from our analysis because their average covers were extremely low and most plot values were zero.’


Old English secg, of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin secare ‘to cut’.