Definition of security risk in English:

security risk


  • A person or situation which poses a possible threat to the security of something.

    • ‘The ‘transport of goods to be utilised for war’ was also a security risk for the public at large, he said.’
    • ‘Guthrie refused to give any details of the military operation, claiming it would be a security risk.’
    • ‘Under U.S. law, President Bush could refuse to issue a visa to a world leader if he or she posed a security risk.’
    • ‘The airline's U.S. workers say maintenance performed in other countries poses a security risk.’
    • ‘Those who posed a security risk or had criminal records could be ruled out.’
    • ‘The remaining 410 prisoners at the jail are Category C prisoners, meaning they pose a low security risk.’
    • ‘British diplomatic staff in Indonesia were warned as early as February of a heightened security risk.’
    • ‘It is feared that they pose a major security risk.’
    • ‘All I'm saying is that I don't believe that this person poses a security risk.’
    • ‘The man is obviously an international security risk.’
    • ‘Scotland Yard was not informed of the security risk that Reid posed.’
    • ‘These homeless, hungry, thirsty, and desperate persons posed an immense security risk.’
    • ‘The greatest security risk to government business lies in the insider threat.’
    • ‘He said members should be aware that the non-medical use of drugs posed a security risk.’
    • ‘He is still in prison awaiting the final process on his refugee status with the security risk assessment.’
    • ‘I don't think people are looking now at Israel as a geopolitical risk or a security risk.’
    • ‘The government claims that it's a security risk to give the material to Stephen Kenny.’
    • ‘A small number of immigrants who pose a security risk and those awaiting deportation will still be held in prison.’
    • ‘He has been held in a Toronto jail for two years while authorities determined whether he posed a security risk to Canadian society.’
    • ‘He says the current proposals are not practical and pose a security risk.’


security risk