Definition of security check in English:

security check


  • 1A verification of the identity and trustworthiness of an employee in order to maintain security.

    ‘some 400,000 security checks were run on Manhattan Project employees’
    • ‘Security at the court was tight with hand-held metal detectors, and a second security check inside the building.’
    • ‘Newly released video show some of the hijackers going through a security check at Dulles Airport outside Washington.’
    • ‘A basic security check later, we found ourselves inside the DMZ.’
    • ‘The security check for entering the visa section was strict.’
    • ‘Tim Verheyden said he was able to bring a package resembling a bomb through the security check for airport employees.’
    1. 1.1 A search of an area or of a person and their baggage for concealed weapons or explosives.
      ‘a standard security check uncovered a loaded .22-cal. revolver in his carry-on bag’
      • ‘They've agreed to hire an international expert to conduct a new security check of Australia's international air gateways.’
      • ‘Today, going through an airport security check can be as entertaining as watching, or even acting in, an episode of Seinfeld.’
      • ‘I directly got on board the plane after the security check.’
      • ‘We are satisfied with the results of the security check and will not be closing again unless there is a specific threat.’
      • ‘They should be coming round on a regular basis and doing a security check to look at if anything could be done.’