Definition of securely in English:


Pronunciation /sɪˈkjʊəli//sɪˈkjɔːli/


  • 1In a fixed or stable manner.

    ‘keep the lid securely fastened’
    ‘make sure keys are stored securely’
    ‘prisoners held securely behind bars’
    • ‘Play equipment such as swings and climbing frames should be securely fixed and well maintained.’
    • ‘Without a clothes peg holding the score securely to the music stand, one is in trouble indeed.’
    • ‘Upstairs, the ceiling was still securely in place.’
    • ‘The magnet grabs the metal fence post and holds the gate securely when loading.’
    • ‘Matching colour moulding is available to support the rod securely.’
    • ‘His personal work was kept securely in an upstairs studio.’
    • ‘Be sure the access ladder is securely fastened to the bin.’
    • ‘The cells die, which leads to a dry, rigid coil structure that securely anchors vine to the support.’
    • ‘The arched braces, securely trussing every second rafter, meet above an octagonal metal plate fitted to the downward extension of the apex finial.’
    • ‘Both ends must be securely sealed for it to work effectively.’
  • 2Without threat or danger.

    ‘the data remains securely protected’
    ‘he is securely employed’
    • ‘Securely attached children appear to be able to seek and receive comfort from their parents when faced with emotional distress.’
    • ‘You may find yourself working with someone whose life experience has damaged the ability to trust and securely bond with another.’
    • ‘A financial requirement is included to ensure the cooperative has the liquidity to operate securely.’
    • ‘We're a facilitating organization where the public can go to securely register emergency information.’
    • ‘Now able to securely exchange intelligence reports, the participating ships were able to distinguish one another on radar.’
    • ‘Titian was to remain securely in Charles's favor, yet in 1541 the professional antagonism between the two artists was aggravated anew.’
    • ‘My ex and I found serious new partners almost simultaneously, and that's what really helped us move securely into friendship.’
    • ‘They blended entertainment with education in a way that adhered securely to the prevailing ideology of broadcasting.’
    • ‘Save time, save the cost of stamps, and send money securely.’
    • ‘To others that dwell securely outside of New York City, the legitimacy of the newest threat is uncertain.’
    1. 2.1 Without risk of error; with certainty.
      ‘only about 35 pictures can be securely attributed to him’
      • ‘Quality is a difficult factor to judge without securely identified examples of court art from this period.’
      • ‘Two reasons are cited for the particular choice of these figures: they are securely identified, and they are well preserved.’
      • ‘His most securely attributed compositions are his songs.’
      • ‘His role here is securely documented.’
      • ‘He is undoubtedly a man of extraordinary brilliance whose writings are incisive, insightful, and securely based on facts.’
      • ‘The next offering is a work only recently upgraded and now securely ranked among the composer's mature masterpieces.’
      • ‘This may be Leonardo's earliest securely attributable painting.’
      • ‘Money, clout, and chutzpah are still the most securely qualified institutions of authority.’
      • ‘This source claims he was in Rome before 1614, but he is first securely documented there in 1620.’
      • ‘Less securely his is the church music attributed to 'William Cornysh'.’