Definition of secularist in English:



  • A person who advocates separation of the state from religious institutions.

    ‘secularists wanted religious reform as the first step to a secular society’
    • ‘Our words and actions will support secularists in their principled stand against fundamentalists.’
    • ‘The long conservative debate with liberals and secularists gave the movement more than a tinge of rationalism and empiricism.’
    • ‘The secularists there have not underestimated religion, they have just made the mistake of believing they could control everything with the army.’
    • ‘For liberal secularists committed to the separation of church and state, this was a big victory.’
    • ‘Religion in the former sense is a cement for communal harmony, and not otherwise as some modernists and secularists believe.’
    • ‘His exploits might have brought tears to many secularists looking desperately to reaffirm their faith in a pluralist society.’
    • ‘The true secularist's distrust of the 'order of prophecy' can turn his indifference towards religion into actual disdain and contempt.’
    • ‘Secularists don't want to be told that they are all sinners.’
    • ‘Jefferson is usually identified with the enlightened secularists who sought to protect a secular vision of life from the tyranny of the churches.’
    • ‘I believe all secularists, all progressives and socialists should fight these attacks.’


  • Advocating or relating to separation of the state from religious institutions.

    ‘secularist ideology’
    ‘secularist campaigners’
    • ‘He was a poet, essayist, novelist, and playwright, the son of a secularist tailor.’
    • ‘Will you have to fall back on a secularist position, saying that there is no religious way of legitimating the American regime?’
    • ‘I call upon all secularist forces and freedom-lovers to stand up and protest against the setting up of these tribunals in Canada.’
    • ‘Since the end of the First World War, strong secularist tendencies have been evident.’
    • ‘Secularist rationalism and the growth of constructive atheism have created a spiritual vacuum obvious to religious believers.’
    • ‘He was a secularist dictator, not a fundamentalist.’
    • ‘He rose from solicitor's clerk and part-time secularist lecturer to become one of the most formidable public speakers and unofficial legal advocates in Victorian Britain.’
    • ‘This perspective has taken issue with the secularist position.’
    • ‘Doing away with these books is top on the secularist agenda.’
    • ‘Other European nations came to blows with the Church over secularist legislation.’