Definition of sectionalism in English:



mass noun
  • Restriction of interest to a narrow sphere; undue concern with local interests or petty distinctions at the expense of general well-being.

    ‘the rise of democracy, capitalism, and sectionalism’
    with modifier ‘local sectionalism proved to be the undoing of the miners’
    • ‘Only a prince could be captain and stand apart from the competing interests of sectionalism, race, caste, creed and customs.’
    • ‘Tillman's attempt to redefine sectionalism in Chicago, however, proved disastrous.’
    • ‘Past animosities and sectionalism were laid aside in favor of fellowship and intellectual stimulation.’
    • ‘The media as a torchbearer of the nation should be devoid of negative tribalism and sectionalism.’
    • ‘Concerning sectionalism and the Civil War, no attempt is made to show how the sharpening divide between North and South shaped theological ideas.’
    • ‘This is sectionalism - of which the rebellion was the offspring.’
    • ‘In addition to this, Gall suggests that care needs to be taken in criticising sectionalism for he claims it can play a positive role in helping to create solidarity.’
    • ‘His essays on sectionalism, published as The Significance of Sections in American History, won the Pulitizer Prize posthumously in 1933.’
    • ‘Interest groups, which are associated with sectionalism and the possible exercise of sanctions, appear to be inimical to ideas of reasoned discussion and the general welfare.’
    • ‘But from reading the documentation of this history, the impression is not one of fragmented partisanship or sectionalism.’
    • ‘But he fails to acknowledge other cultural and socioeconomic forces at work, including the dramatic effects of industrialism, urbanization, evangelical Christianity, slavery, and sectionalism.’
    • ‘Though sectionalism threatened the existence of the Union during its first twenty-five years, New England Federalists proved unable to counter effectively the Republican insurgence in New England.’
    • ‘Our criteria for supporting or opposing a particular merger should be how far it helps to overcome sectionalism within a particular industry and strengthen workers' confidence and ability to fight.’
    • ‘The initial assumption of this relationship was one of sectionalism although the convenor noted that all of the shop stewards worked together,’
    • ‘But he never finished his ‘big book’ on sectionalism, which is a shame.’
    • ‘It is possible that sectionalism as expressed in a general election is in decline in 1990's America.’
    • ‘By focusing on urban papers, Ratner and Teeter have not accounted for the creation of sectionalism in the majority of the nation.’
    • ‘If sectionalism and secession are freely allowed, on the other hand, the social structure of a minority group will collapse into atomism.’
    • ‘There's the nagging sectionalism, the North-South bitterness that still raged a half-century after the Civil War and beyond.’
    • ‘However, there is also a clear indication of the possible ‘historical’ problems with sectionalism and demarcation in the above quote.’