Definition of secret women's business in English:

secret women's business


mass nounAustralian
  • Aboriginal ceremony and ritual that is open to women only.

    ‘a site associated with secret women's business’
    • ‘As a man, watching this walking, talking recruitment poster for the world's second-oldest profession of midwifery can feel a little like eavesdropping on secret women's business.’
    • ‘As she points out, hairdressing is a form of secret women's business.’
    • ‘He wants to sit down and discuss secret women's business before every concrete laying planning session.’
    • ‘The anthropologist's report linked the content of the secret women's business on Hindmarsh Island to the institution of female putari who were essentially midwives and experts in the matter of physical, and also cosmological, reproduction.’
    • ‘There have been several accounts of what the secret women's business consists of.’
    • ‘Everyone knows that giving birth is icky secret women's business.’
    • ‘This is another excellent column discussing opposition to the bridge and 'secret women's business' and how the media and academia treated it.’
    • ‘I am being a bit vague about the secret women's business, but the interested listener can follow up claims and counter claims in their local library if they wish.’
    • ‘He was preoccupied with the so-called "secret women's business" controversy.’
    • ‘At the core of the secret women's business, in terms of anthropology at any rate, is the problem of just how homogenous Aboriginal cultures might be.’