Definition of second thoughts in English:

second thoughts

(US second thought)

plural noun

  • A change of opinion or resolve reached after considering something again.

    ‘on second thoughts, perhaps he was right’
    • ‘On second thoughts, senior police probably will turn up - to arrest the protesters.’
    • ‘On second thoughts, I don't feel like depressing myself anymore with the news.’
    • ‘On second thought, I'm proposing that we agree to rotate that drawstring among the three of us monthly.’
    • ‘I wasn't exactly keen, but my husband wanted to go, though we did have second thoughts when they had to screw the door shut.’
    • ‘On second thoughts, neither the apartment owner nor I had any reason to be unhappy.’
    • ‘The Gambler began to have second thoughts about concealing his weapon and reached for it.’
    • ‘My gut instinct is that he is having second thoughts about the whole thing; I couldn't sleep for thinking about it all.’
    • ‘This morning the Bureau of Statistics came out with a set of numbers that's prompting second thoughts.’
    • ‘On second thought, he realizes that it would have spurred the gossip.’
    • ‘Our choices are a guy who always has second thoughts or a guy who's never had a first thought.’
    • ‘So how can she suddenly call foul play, just because she has second thoughts about the person's intentions?’
    • ‘We could have told them that - or perhaps, on second thoughts, could we?’
    • ‘Has someone had second thoughts about our multicultural nirvana?’
    • ‘On second thought, though, I'm not even sure the political reasoning makes much sense.’
    • ‘Lizzie considered she might be dreaming but had second thoughts after stubbing her toe on a ceramic vase.’
    • ‘For some reason she was having second thoughts and they weren't helping her at all.’
    • ‘However, on second thoughts, I realise the councillors on this committee are neither unwise or naïve.’
    • ‘On second thoughts, that's how it all started in the first place.’
    • ‘So you have no second thoughts about this proposal to create this intelligence czar?’
    • ‘On second thoughts, he might add it is great relief to find at least a couple of hours of uninterrupted acting moments.’
    qualm, misgivings, doubt, reservation, scruple
    suspicion, distrust, mistrust, lack of faith, lack of confidence, diffidence
    trepidation, scepticism, worry, unease, uneasiness, anxiety, apprehension, uncertainty, niggle, disquiet, disquietude, hesitation, hesitance, hesitancy
    rethink, reconsider, review, revise, re-examine, re-evaluate, reassess, reappraise, think better of, think over, take another look at, look at in a different light, have another think about
    change, alter, modify
    think again, think twice, review one's position, come round, change one's mind
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