Definition of second position in English:

second position


  • 1Ballet
    A posture in which the feet form a straight line, being turned out to either side with the heels separated by the distance of a small step.

    • ‘One partner hoists the other on one hip or across the shoulders, or balances him on legs spread in a wide second position.’
    • ‘If you can only maintain the first and second positions for 30 seconds (but not positions three and four), your balance is fair.’
    • ‘For second position, open the legs to slightly more than hip-width.’
    • ‘Once you're warm, you can stretch your groin muscles doing the straddle position by standing up with feet parallel in second position, bending one leg while leaving the other straight.’
    • ‘From the first position, big jump into the second position plié.’
    • ‘Finding the right pointe shoe accessories, like finding your second position, takes practice.’
    1. 1.1 A position of the arms in which they are held out to each side of the body, curving forwards and slightly upwards.
      • ‘The arms are usually in an extended second position with the wrists slightly lifted when she is in the air.’
      • ‘And another where a woman in a deep plié in second position with hands on hips propels herself in a circle, again using the heels to give the momentum.’
      • ‘In second position, you have to get the elbow up.’
      • ‘The students place their fingers at the base of their ribs and then extend their arms out to a second position that is somewhat low.’
  • 2Music
    A position of the left hand on the fingerboard of a stringed instrument nearer to the bridge than the first position, enabling a higher-pitched set of notes to be played.

    • ‘Technical issues include some position work, with a couple well-chosen opportunities to access second position through finger substitutions or half-step shifts.’