Definition of second floor in English:

second floor


  • 1The floor two levels above the ground floor.

    • ‘The blaze rose up through the ground, first and second floors, before finally being extinguished by firefighters at around 7am.’
    • ‘On my first inspection of the property, on 22nd July 1998, I was provided with fire drawings of the ground, first and second floors.’
    • ‘A man dressed in a white suit looked down from the balcony of the second floor to the dance floor.’
    • ‘Mr. John Taylor saw evidence of active dry rot beneath the floorboards at second floor level.’
    • ‘People from this hotel have been moved up from the first floor and the ground floor to the second floor to get them away from any flooding risk.’
    1. 1.1North American The floor directly above the ground floor.
      • ‘They pounded their way up through the stair well to the second floor of the building.’
      • ‘She walked up stairs from the basement to the second floor and walked to her locker.’
      • ‘It was easy to get photos because Arden has a second floor with great views of the first floor.’
      • ‘The bedroom and our water storage tank and pressurizing system are on the second floor.’
      • ‘My room is on the second floor level of our house, and I have a window facing the garden.’
      • ‘On the second floor, laying directly over the front of the restaurant was his home.’