Definition of seasonable in English:



  • 1Usual for or appropriate to a particular season of the year.

    ‘the seasonable temperatures’
    • ‘Because of the lack of storage space it would be helpful if clothing is seasonable (warm clothing at this time of year).’
    • ‘Should the weather turn more seasonable this week, some planters will begin moving to the fields.’
    • ‘All the married couples received seasonable gifts at Christmas and the smokers one ounce of tobacco.’
    • ‘The Gucci windows with their huge globe with the ‘fluttering snow’ are seasonable and trendy.’
    • ‘Located in Shenyang, northeastern China, Euro-Asia will be able to transport fresh and seasonable produce to Japan conveniently, he said.’
    • ‘They knew when and where to be to take advantage of a seasonable abundance.’
    usual, expected, predictable, normal for the time of year, appropriate to the time of year
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  • 2archaic Coming at the right time or meeting the needs of the occasion; opportune.

    • ‘In the early sixth century B.C., Anaximander made the Hesiodic idea of seasonable action the basis of his cosmology.’
    • ‘Another of the societies' publications celebrated the arrests of prostitutes' clients because younger men were then ‘by this seasonable chance… discouraged and turned… from following such sinful courses.’’
    opportune, advantageous, favourable, auspicious, propitious, heaven-sent, welcome, golden, good, right, lucky, happy, fortunate, benign, felicitous, timely, well timed, ripe, convenient, expedient
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