Definition of seaside sparrow in English:

seaside sparrow


  • A small sparrow found on the Atlantic coast of North America.

    Ammodramus maritimus, family Emberizidae

    • ‘MacDonald analyzed sound spectrographs and concluded that both Cape Sable and Dusky seaside sparrows had songs that were distinctly more ‘insect-like’ than songs of other Seaside Sparrows.’
    • ‘Only a handful of endangered species, such as the Tecopa pupfish, the longjaw cisco, and the dusky seaside sparrow, have ever been taken off the list because they went extinct.’
    • ‘The Cape Sable sparrow's parent species, the seaside sparrow, Ammodramus maritimus, ranges in salt marshes from Massachusetts to Texas.’
    • ‘The last dusky seaside sparrow died when an intruding snake cornered it.’
    • ‘But subsequent mitochondrial DNA analysis show that Scott's seaside sparrow was actually a distant relative while there were four other subspecies that were much closer to the dusky.’