Definition of sealskin in English:



  • mass noun, often as modifier The skin or prepared fur of a seal, especially when made into a garment.

    ‘a sealskin coat’
    ‘weatherproof coverings of sealskin’
    count noun ‘the sealskins came from the Red Sea’
    • ‘In fact, even the sealskins used in the practical courses had to be donated!’
    • ‘Eskimos kiss by rubbing noses they tell me, and I have to accept this as true, as I have never been romantically involved with anyone in sealskins.’
    • ‘Under it, only the USSR and USA were permitted to continue sealing and in return undertook each to deliver 15 per cent of the sealskins taken by them to Canada and Japan.’
    • ‘In 1984 baby sealskins were banned from European markets, effectively ending the slaughter.’
    • ‘In winter, they sell sealskins to a Greenlandic company marketing them in Europe.’
    • ‘Community projects such as constructing new kayaks from driftwood and sealskins, and the skills both sexes brought to the process made a favorable impression on him.’