Definition of sealing wax in English:

sealing wax


mass noun
  • A mixture of shellac and rosin with turpentine and pigment, softened by heating and used to make seals.

    • ‘Turning it over, she found it'd been sealed with some old-fashioned sealing wax and embossed with an N.’
    • ‘Scrap wood, darning needles, string and sealing wax held his flimsy contraption together.’
    • ‘It was primly addressed to ‘Miss Ashton’, but the red sealing wax was dimpled with a casual thumb-print rather than an official crest.’
    • ‘It was assembled from coffee cans, sealing wax, and leftover laboratory equipment.’
    • ‘Then she sealed it with some pretty blue sealing wax.’
    • ‘She has to supervise all the ordering, keeping, storing and counting of every kind of supply aboard the ship, from sealing wax to cabbages.’
    • ‘Flemish pictures of the 15th century often show devotional woodcuts fixed to a wall with sealing wax, and already flyblown and curling up.’
    • ‘In Henry III's reign, we can measure the amount of sealing wax which the chancery used.’
    • ‘The store clerk put the ribbon into the parcel, and tied it all up with string and sealing wax.’
    • ‘I can still string a box, do the sealing wax and sliding knots, all because of Joan.’
    • ‘They can be ground down by a continual drive to reduce costs - leading them to be specialists in string and sealing wax solutions.’
    • ‘Grinning to myself, I lit a candle to melt his sealing wax and then proceeded to reseal each envelope with a dab of wax beneath the embossed seals I had just removed.’
    • ‘Moyes rose (R. moyesii) has hips that look like shiny, red 11/2-inch-long, bottle-shaped sticks of sealing wax.’


sealing wax

/ˈsiːlɪŋ waks/