Definition of seagoing in English:



  • 1(of a ship) suitable or designed for voyages on the sea.

    ‘seagoing trawlers’
    • ‘The invention relates to a propulsion system for a fast seagoing ship, especially a naval ship.’
    • ‘If you are posted to a seagoing ship, you will receive seagoing allowance.’
    • ‘We provide cost-effective GSM deployment over satellite links to offshore stationary mobile platforms or seagoing vessels such as oil rigs, cruise ships and ferries.’
    marine, ocean, oceanic
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    1. 1.1 Characterized by or relating to travelling by sea, especially habitually.
      ‘a seagoing life’
      • ‘The peoples of the Cyclades and Crete were seagoing folk, and their first trading voyages to the islands of the Aegean seem to have been for obsidian.’
      • ‘One of the difficult things about a seagoing life is the separation from family and friends.’
      • ‘Like the Vikings, the Moros were seagoing traders, slavers and raiders.’
      maritime, nautical, naval, pelagic, sea
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