Definition of seafood in English:



mass noun
  • Shellfish and sea fish, served as food.

    ‘local seafood’
    as modifier ‘a seafood restaurant’
    • ‘Store raw meat, poultry and seafood on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator so their juices do not drop onto other foods.’
    • ‘The thymes preferred by cooks, broadly categorized as English or French thymes, impart a woodsy, aromatic flavor to savory dishes based on vegetables, grains, seafoods and meats.’
    • ‘Crushed clamshells, a waste product from the local seafood industries, have been used to pave roadways.’
    • ‘Cheeses open the menu, but from there, courses of vegetables, meats and seafoods allow the savvy eater to create a meal of their desire, or share with any or all of their dining partners.’
    • ‘They are often cooked with seafood, chicken, or pasta.’
    • ‘Other commonly eaten seafoods include sardines, salmon, sole, sea bass, and hake, as well as eel, squid, octopus, and lamprey.’
    • ‘It is a concentrated source of natural astaxanthin, found in fish and seafood species, ‘an effective anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant,’ the company says.’
    • ‘He's not a fisherman, hunter, or an environmentalist, but he enjoys fresh fish and seafood.’
    • ‘The cozy restaurant also houses a raw seafood bar.’
    • ‘An expert on provincial recipes from Hunan, Sichuan, Beijing, Cantonese and seafoods, he is well versed in the popular culinary varieties from Shandong, Huaiyang and Anhui.’
    • ‘Red and white meat can be eaten, as well as all seafoods.’
    • ‘The main course is a mix and match affair of different meats and seafoods, lamb and scallops among them to be paired with Creole, Cajun, curry, tomato or saffron seasonings.’
    • ‘Southeast Asia's imports of U.S. consumer-oriented foods and edible seafood products were growing rapidly before the crisis.’
    • ‘Certain seafoods, notably oysters, along with milk, wholegrain breads, dark-meat poultry, and nuts like cashews also provide this multipurpose mineral.’
    • ‘Haitians especially favor seafoods, including barbecued lobster, shrimp, and many varieties of fish.’
    • ‘Cabbage, cauliflower and seafoods are best avoided.’
    • ‘The problem could also affect nearby Leigh which is the central hub of the cockling industry in the Thames Estuary, with people coming from far and wide to sample the range of seafoods.’
    • ‘Pates, fresh soft cheeses, smoked seafood, frankfurters (hot dogs) and some foods from deli counters are potential vehicles of listeriosis for susceptible populations.’
    • ‘Congress is considering a two-year delay to the law that requires mandatory country-of-origin labeling on meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables from 30 September.’
    • ‘Indigenous complements are seafoods, birds, and eggs, supplemented with pig, chicken, and an increasing variety of tinned meats.’