Definition of seacock in English:



  • A valve sealing off an opening through a ship's hull below or near to the waterline (e.g. one connecting a ship's sewage system to the sea).

    • ‘Consider removing the hose from the lowest seacock and leaving it open.’
    • ‘After the seacock or gate valve is closed, remove the hose temporarily so that it drains and then use an absorbent cloth or turkey baster to eliminate any residual water in the nipple.’
    • ‘Out of the water an open seacock still admits moisture, frigid air, and perhaps vermin, so close them.’
    • ‘Since the seacock was left open, water poured in and sank the boat.’
    • ‘Internal loops in the water passages typically prevent complete drainage, so disconnect the raw-water connection from the closed seacock and submerge it in a 50-50 antifreeze mix.’