Definition of sea grape in English:

sea grape


  • 1A salt-resistant tree of the dock family, bearing grape-like bunches of edible purple fruit and found on the Atlantic coasts of tropical America.

    Coccoloba uvifera, family Polygonaceae

    • ‘The dune vegetation included sea oats, sea grape, and beach morning glory (Ipomoea pes-caprae).’
    • ‘Delightful tropical scents floated in on cool gusts of wind from the sea; only tall sea grape vines marred the picturesque view of the beach.’
    • ‘Lighting a mentholated cigarette, I strolled by sea grape hedges and through a moongate to a limestone cliff dropping to the Atlantic.’
    • ‘Sea Grapes take on a number of growing habits and can also be found as spreading shrubs.’
    1. 1.1 The fruit of the sea grape.
      • ‘I remember helping them make guava and sea grape jellies.’
      • ‘For example we have the sowse vendors, and the women who make sea grape jelly for sale, but this is all on the level of cottage industry.’
      • ‘I was at a public beach in Tampa, Florida, last week and noticed these sea grapes had fruit that was ripe on them.’