Definition of Scythian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the ancient region of Scythia or its inhabitants.

    ‘the formation of the Scythian cultures’
    • ‘Scythian gold objects discovered in a nearby cave were shown in the exhibit.’
    • ‘The scientist paid much attention to studies on Scythian culture and its relations with the Caucasus and the Near East.’
    • ‘The vast expanses of the Eurasian Steppes were inhabited by Scythian nomads.’
    • ‘The Romans employed Scythian archers on horseback.’
    • ‘She presented the Prime Minister with a boxed replica of a 2000 year-old Scythian artwork.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the ancient region of Scythia.

    ‘the Scythians retreated into the Crimea’
    • ‘His origins disrupt traditional values about what it means to be a Scythian, as they were regarded as barbarous and uncivilised.’
    • ‘She was accosted in Greek, by a person who wore the dress of a Scythian.’
    • ‘The first and most effective race to use the horse in battle was the Scythians.’