Definition of scyphozoan in English:


adjective & noun

  • See Scyphozoa

    • ‘An alternative interpretation is that C. striata preserves the episodically elongating organic sheath of a budding scyphozoan.’
    • ‘Moore and Harrington regarded Sphenothallus as a hydrozoan or scyphozoan.’
    • ‘Sphenothallus Hall, 1847 is a widespread Paleozoic marine taxon that has been interpreted most recently as a tubiculous annelid or other ‘worm’ or as a thecate hydrozoan or scyphozoan cnidarian.’
    • ‘Jellyfish (medusae, which may be hydrozoan, scyphozoan or cubozoan) are important both as predators and prey in pelagic ecosystems.’
    • ‘As mentioned above, a few tetraradial ‘medusoids’ could be scyphozoan jellyfish, but tetraradial symmetry is also typical of the Hydrozoa and Cubozoa.’
    • ‘Most hydrozoans alternate between a polyp and a medusa stage - they spend part of their lives as ‘jellyfish’ which are hard to distinguish from scyphozoan jellyfish.’