Definition of scungy in English:


adjectivescungier, scungiest

Australian, NZ
  • Dirty and disagreeable.

    ‘one of Sydney's scungiest suburbs’
    • ‘So I ended up looking all professional when I could have been wearing tracky daks and a scungy t-shirt.’
    • ‘Unlike the popular image of unruly and scungy squatter households, James' model is highly organised and makes use of buildings only until they are ready for redevelopment.’
    • ‘Not that it was a particularly memorable movie in my opinion, but one character stood out and left a lasting impression: the skinny geek with the moon tan who posed for a photograph in his revolting scungy old undies.’
    • ‘Half an hour later the laundry was passably clean and Anna had ended up even more scungy than before.’
    • ‘Nic Smillie's splendidly scungy set allows us to sense the cockroaches, smell the mould.’
    • ‘Coming to you from a scungy little Internet café in Christchurch New Zealand run by a bloke who has a breath that would peel paint off a dunny wall.’
    • ‘Fasten those seatbelts, as we cruise to where writer John August found his inspiration for the film - in a scungy LA supermarket, where we're introduced to bored checkout clerks Ronna, Claire and Mannie.’
    • ‘This meant there was something ghostly nearby, or a pungent concentration of slime, or Robbie Neilson's scungy pyjamas.’
    • ‘I though it must have been a scungy old shark or something.’
    • ‘I am strangely drawn to a scungy flophouse which, as the night advances, turns out be a brothel.’
    • ‘Back then it was a scungy, beer-sticky pub frequented by persons with muddy boots, dodgy connections and dubious personal hygiene.’
    • ‘Here, as he travels from one scungy gig to the next, he shares pearls of received wisdom.’
    • ‘Well, my viddy shop is dubbed ABC Viddies, and whilst dark and scungy and smelly and drippy and cavelike, it serves all my viddy needs.’
    dirty, filthy, grubby, grimy, mucky, fouled, foul, impure, adulterated, tainted, tarnished, stained, soiled, begrimed, smeared, unwashed
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