Definition of scungy in English:



Australian, NZ
  • Dirty and disagreeable.

    ‘one of Sydney's scungiest suburbs’
    • ‘Here, as he travels from one scungy gig to the next, he shares pearls of received wisdom.’
    • ‘I am strangely drawn to a scungy flophouse which, as the night advances, turns out be a brothel.’
    • ‘I though it must have been a scungy old shark or something.’
    • ‘Half an hour later the laundry was passably clean and Anna had ended up even more scungy than before.’
    • ‘Unlike the popular image of unruly and scungy squatter households, James' model is highly organised and makes use of buildings only until they are ready for redevelopment.’
    • ‘So I ended up looking all professional when I could have been wearing tracky daks and a scungy t-shirt.’
    • ‘Coming to you from a scungy little Internet café in Christchurch New Zealand run by a bloke who has a breath that would peel paint off a dunny wall.’
    • ‘Not that it was a particularly memorable movie in my opinion, but one character stood out and left a lasting impression: the skinny geek with the moon tan who posed for a photograph in his revolting scungy old undies.’
    • ‘Fasten those seatbelts, as we cruise to where writer John August found his inspiration for the film - in a scungy LA supermarket, where we're introduced to bored checkout clerks Ronna, Claire and Mannie.’
    • ‘Nic Smillie's splendidly scungy set allows us to sense the cockroaches, smell the mould.’
    • ‘Back then it was a scungy, beer-sticky pub frequented by persons with muddy boots, dodgy connections and dubious personal hygiene.’
    • ‘Well, my viddy shop is dubbed ABC Viddies, and whilst dark and scungy and smelly and drippy and cavelike, it serves all my viddy needs.’
    • ‘This meant there was something ghostly nearby, or a pungent concentration of slime, or Robbie Neilson's scungy pyjamas.’
    dirty, filthy, grubby, grimy, mucky, fouled, foul, impure, adulterated, tainted, tarnished, stained, soiled, begrimed, smeared, unwashed
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