Definition of sculpturing in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of forming or shaping something by or as if by sculpture.

    ‘the gadget is great for blow-drying, sculpturing, and moulding’
    • ‘His life had been one of dedicated service to the De La Salle Order and wonderful creativity in his chosen field of Bronze sculpturing.’
    • ‘‘The day after arriving at New York, I started the renovation work, my past experience in painting, sculpturing, handicrafts oriented me to the work effectively,’ Deng said.’
    • ‘‘It's a very interesting job and I suppose sculpturing is just in my blood,’ he said.’
    • ‘He also finds time to take up painting and sculpturing.’
    • ‘Bring your children along and they will be amazed and delighted by Zako's balloon sculpturing and face painting antics.’
    • ‘Serai gracefully took it as she remembered clay sculpturing when she was in kindergarten.’
    • ‘Tuition includes pencil, pastel, oil and other painting techniques as well as sculpturing.’
    • ‘His first exposure to sculpturing was when Chen sculpted a bust of Deng's uncle, who was a well-known professor in Shanghai Music Conservatory.’
    • ‘Deng said the clay that is used is dug up from river banks of the Qingpu region, as the clay there is best in Shanghai for sculpturing.’
    • ‘And it is quite normal to watch seasoned and acclaimed artists sharing their technique of brush strokes, use of terracotta or nuances of sculpturing with their juniors who are stepping into the world of art.’
    1. 1.1 A shape or outline produced by or as if by sculpture.
      ‘the mountain's graceful sculpturing’
      • ‘The most eye-catching item in the temple is the exquisite brick sculpturing.’
      • ‘‘Karren’ is the term used to describe the microsolutional features and sculpturing that form on exposed bedrock surfaces of soluble rocks.’
    2. 1.2Botany Zoology Sculpture.
      ‘the external sculpturing consists of a series of corrugations’
      • ‘External shell sculpturing can also vary from one species to another and can be used to distinguish some taxa.’
      • ‘Both Tetramerista and Pentamerista have small sized pollen with a heterobrochate reticulate sculpturing, whereas pollen grains in Pelliciera show a characteristic perforate sexine with large verrucae.’
      • ‘Because a key species diagnostic character is the nature of aboral cup plate sculpturing, this specimen cannot be identified.’
      • ‘It is evident that the setae are homologs of the general spinules that cover the body surface via sculpturing of the Oberhautchen layer.’
      • ‘Field observations confirmed that the species is heterostylous with the pistil and anthers exhibiting reciprocal heights in the two morphs, although pollen size and sculpturing do not vary.’
      • ‘The two morphs of both species produce equivalent numbers of pollen grains, but the grains differ with respect to exine sculpturing and size.’
      • ‘The tall radial plates, relatively few plates in the vertical calyx walls, and calyx plate sculpturing make this a distinctive species.’
      • ‘Dermal sculpturing on the surangular is confined to the area ventral to the oral sulcus; dorsal to the sulcus, the surangular is smooth and unsculptured.’
      • ‘Information on aperture type, exine sculpturing and the diameters of pollen grains were cited from Liang.’
      • ‘The pollen exinal thinnings are comparable, and the outer sculpturing of both forms consists of identical short spinules.’