Definition of sculpturally in English:



  • See sculptural

    • ‘The brain sculpturally rendered was the basic element in The Sum of All Fears.’
    • ‘They are sculpturally appealing, have eye-catching colors and great graphics on the packaging.’
    • ‘Characteristically, there are no attempts to work out the anatomical details but what is attempted is a whole, integral form that does not resolve either notionally or sculpturally into complex entities.’
    • ‘Body parts, joints, and posture, all visible from a distance on the dance ground, are sculpturally emphasized over facial features, as the bulbous knees of one figure prominently demonstrate.’
    • ‘These allowed him to create an art at once lyric and dramatic, pictorially rich and sculpturally solid.’
    • ‘It's a music that's both architecturally engineered and sculpturally shaped, a brilliant sonic artifact that draws equal strengths from the human heart and the scientific mind.’