Definition of scullery maid in English:

scullery maid


  • A female domestic servant responsible for washing dishes and doing other menial household chores.

    ‘we could do with a scullery maid to scour the dirtiest pots’
    • ‘There is a grouse plucking scene in the kitchen, in which the cook and two scullery maids are tearing at the birds as if they have lost their minds.’
    • ‘Pity poor Lucy, the scullery maid, who makes the mistake of arriving at the front door of Manderston.’
    • ‘She's in the kitchen; she's a scullery maid, and the best one ever seen, that's certain.’
    • ‘She was an unselfish creature, he noted, up a full hour before the scullery maid, helping her with her work so that she might sleep in.’
    • ‘There's also an old scullery maid who, despite the fact that she's been complicit in the dirty deeds, is still concerned for the well-being of everyone around her.’
    • ‘Lady Montcliffe had two scullery maids who worked for her.’
    • ‘I'm fairly sure that a scullery maid wouldn't have a chance in the world of discovering the kind of information we need.’
    • ‘The scullery maids and female staff curtsied and then departed.’
    • ‘Mary, the scullery maid, leaned out the kitchen door cautiously.’
    • ‘He could have asked them about their situation then and there, but that would not have the same effect as already knowing that the eldest daughter of the family was a scullery maid in service at the great house.’