Definition of scuba diving in English:

scuba diving


mass noun
  • The sport or activity of swimming underwater using a scuba.

    ‘scuba-diving is available locally’
    as modifier ‘scuba-diving courses’
    • ‘Add in a full tailgate with an opening rear window, and you have the ideal vehicle for taking to the furniture store or transporting all of your scuba-diving gear.’
    • ‘‘I thought you went right from scuba-diving to cowboys,’ Leslie drawled.’
    • ‘If you are both into scuba-diving, why not have your ceremony at a beautiful resort overlooking the ocean?’
    • ‘Fearful of succumbing to temptation, I virtuously drew down my severance pay and booked a scuba-diving trip to Cozumel, Mexico, which is famous for its endless reefs and majestic spotted eagle rays.’
    • ‘The perils of scuba-diving and sunbathing receive attention.’
    • ‘Equally the underwater scuba-diving sequence was cool - but pretty unnecessary to the storyline - such as it was.’
    • ‘Mark Thompson's sets and costumes are serviceable, with perhaps a few too many scuba-diving suits.’
    • ‘Just don't plan any scuba-diving expeditions soon after.’
    • ‘This 27-year-old British-born former model and scuba-diving instructor stumbled across a colony of almost 100 squatters living in shacks next to passing trains and vermin.’
    • ‘Larger yachts and sportfishing boats can be chartered for daylong fishing or scuba-diving trips.’


  • scuba diver

      • ‘The agency has received up to 70 reports a day from scuba-divers, fishermen, museums and antique dealers who were worried they had undeclared items for sale.’
      • ‘Wild dolphin encounters under water tend to be fleeting for scuba-divers.’
      • ‘Manatees normally avoid scuba-divers and their bubbles but are merely curious about snorkellers, so the tube is the best way to travel.’
      • ‘Tourism has moved on a lot in the three decades since the first scuba-divers arrived, content to find only a clean bed and a shower.’
      • ‘Why are Bahamas sharks less skittish among scuba-divers than they are in many other parts of the world?’
      • ‘The remains of the mother of three lay undiscovered for 21 years before being found by chance by amateur scuba-divers in 1997.’


scuba diving

/ˈskuːbə dʌɪvɪŋ/