Definition of scrutineer in English:



  • 1A person who examines or inspects something closely and thoroughly.

    • ‘Collusion between supposedly independent scrutineers of business practice and their employing clients can cover up malpractice and misuse of funds.’
    • ‘Until then the scheme is held up until the scrutineers are satisified about the proposals.’
    • ‘Their combined knowledge and expertise and dedication to customer service was deservedly recognised by the independent scrutineers and I'm very proud of them.’
    • ‘Avid page two scrutineers will have seen a boxed notice in the personal announcements section.’
    • ‘One doubts that Sony was among the scrutineers who were entirely satisfied, and presumes that the Commission has included the company in its trawl.’
    inspector, examiner, enquirer, explorer, analyser
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    1. 1.1British A person who supervises the conduct of an election or competition.
      ‘independent strike-ballot scrutineers’
      • ‘Candidates and their scrutineers can watch as as the ballots are counted by hand.’
      • ‘It was one of his scrutineers at the polling station and she said she needed a ride home.’
      • ‘Every half hour, Picco's three scrutineers in the polling station provided updated lists of the names of those who had voted.’
      • ‘First, they flatly refused to carry out their legal duty to appoint independent scrutineers for new executive elections.’
      • ‘The team, which was being monitored by independent scrutineers, needed safe hands because if the ball was dropped, it would mean the end of the attempt.’
      • ‘The scrutineers must receive postal votes no later than 10 pm on Thursday June 10 and are recommending that people post their completed votes on June 8.’
      • ‘At the event, the local community turns out in force, volunteering 1,500 marshals, first aiders, and scrutineers.’
      • ‘It denies that scrutineers were allowed into the Election Room where the memory packs were read and denies that the applicant watched a memory pack being read.’
      ombudsman, monitor, inspector, observer, supervisor
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