Definition of scrunchy in English:



  • Making a loud crunching noise when crushed or compressed.

    ‘scrunchy snow’
    • ‘Our arms were our forelegs; our own legs, with straight knees, came behind, and, backsides in the air off we went, the tins making a lovely scrunchy sound on the track.’


  • A circular band of fabric-covered elastic used for fastening the hair.

    • ‘Her long hair was unrestrained by any scrunchies or finger traps, but her face bore the same sneaky smile.’
    • ‘Over 100 styles of wigs, Falls, ¾ caps, ponytails, pony tail wraps and scrunchies to choose.’
    • ‘In addition to scrub tops, Scrubs Key West offers coordinating jackets, pants, surgical caps and scrunchies.’
    • ‘I took two scrunchies and tied my long hair into two big ponytails.’
    • ‘Traditionally scrunchies consist of a circular elastic band completely encased by a piece of gathered fabric designed to produce a pouffy look.’
    • ‘It didn't take me long to find some hair stuff to straighten my hair and I gathered so many hair scrunchies it didn't make sense.’
    • ‘Carly had even taken a pair of scrunchies and tied Yelina's hair in pig-tails.’
    • ‘To be in stores early next year, the Cover Girl / Goody line will feature 50-plus SKUs, including such styling and fashion accessories as barrettes, scrunchies, headbands and compact mirrors.’
    • ‘Sammi rushed over to them dressed in her favorite leather, purple skirt with her streaked hair tied into two big ponytails with scrunchies.’
    • ‘She breathed in the fresh air, untainted by the smell of bat guano, and began following the trail she had marked earlier with hair scrunchies.’