Definition of scrub itch in English:

scrub itch


mass nounAustralian
  • Skin irritation caused by the parasitic larvae of mites, particularly as experienced in northern tropical Australia.

    ‘members of the expedition who landed first suffered from mosquito bites and scrub itch’
    • ‘Only 20 of the 700 species are important, as they cause scrub itch.’
    • ‘They were alive with scrub-itch, which had eaten torturing sores into them.’
    • ‘I could watch them through my binoculars, away from leeches and smothering scrub itch.’
    • ‘Its prickly leaf sheathes the abode of that vexing insect which causes the scrub itch.’
    • ‘I finally got scrub-itch that day—a plague of tiny red mites that get under your skin and itch like mad.’
    • ‘Chiggers also cause an affliction known as scrub itch in several countries.’