Definition of scrub cutter in English:

scrub cutter


NZ, Australian
  • 1A machine used to clear thick vegetation from an area of land.

    ‘a heavy-duty scrub cutter was produced for home and overseas markets’
    • ‘I can hear the distant sound of the scrub cutter attacking the brambles in one corner of the wood.’
    • ‘We use saws, loppers, shears, a scrub-cutter, and grubbers to help Mother Nature provide enjoyable recreation facilities for trampers.’
    • ‘She swore under her breath as her shaking hands spilled petrol all around the scrub cutter's small tank.’
    • ‘I still need to do a bit of work on the track, but that's just 30 minutes with the scrubcutter.’
    • ‘Roger uses a scrubcutter to cut back grass and weeds around new plantings once or twice a year.’
    • ‘The job entails light engineering including steel welding/fabrication and maintenance of small plant including the use of mowers, scrub cutters, and chainsaws.’
    1. 1.1 A person employed to clear thick vegetation from an area of land.
      ‘he wanted a scrub cutter to work with him on weekends’
      • ‘By the age of 12, he had been a messenger in a store and a newspaper office, a scrub-cutter, and a farm worker.’
      • ‘The scrub was healthy, if stunted, and as yet no scrub-cutter's axe had bitten into it.’
      • ‘I reunited with an old mate, Vic, who had become a shearer and scrub cutter.’
      • ‘She met my father there and I was born in 1927 in a scrub cutter's camp.’
      • ‘I worked hard as a scrub cutter up in the hills.’