Definition of scrote in English:



  • A contemptible person.

    • ‘The scrote should have been hit by tasers, marker spray, pepper spray, spring batons from all points of the compass!’
    • ‘Darkness Falls is not worth the price of admission, and that stupid lisping scrote should've been used for a decoy.’
    • ‘If the businessman had stuck the scrote who wrecked his Christmas lights in a cage, perhaps the police would have prosecuted the vandal and not the victim.’
    • ‘Given a chance, assert these warriors, they would personally kill any scrote, toerag, scumbag or piece of human filth that dared to mess with their families.’
    • ‘What is a man if he can no longer be a filthy scrote?’
    • ‘A young scrote from Manchester is the first person in the country to be banned from wearing a hooded top.’
    • ‘Before sentencing the scrote who owes me, the judge asked me for some info.’
    • ‘I don't like 'em much at all, and his neighbor is even more of a scrote.’
    • ‘If we had hung this little scrote, there wouldn't be a whole sackful of our money wasted on his appeal!’
    • ‘I'm not your mate, you little scrote, I thought but stayed silent, not wishing to start their special day on a sour note.’
    • ‘I didn't buy any new Leathers because I'm a tight old scrote.’
    • ‘Sky points at his little gym pants and says ' Well isn't this a uniform, scrote? '’
    • ‘This scrote has committed seventy offenses for a total of ten years sentence time.’
    • ‘But how on earth did some smelly little scrote get a trolley all the way out there?’
    • ‘While in Adelaide, we spent a lot of time hanging out with the very entertaining scrote Scott Smith, who got food poisoning after eating a dodgy falafel.’


1970s: from scrotum.