Definition of scrimshander in English:



  • another term for scrimshaw
    • ‘Edward Burdett (1805-1833), the first known American scrimshaw artist, and one of the best, began scrimshandering around 1824.’
    • ‘When a captain ordered his crew to be ‘scrimshandering’, he wanted them to be pre-occupied with a creative past-time.’


  • A person who makes scrimshaws.

    • ‘Another scrimshander told me that you must slice the tooth (lengthwise), or grind the dentin off it in order to expose the inner layer of the tooth material, which can be scrimmed.’
    • ‘Actually at that time I hadn't been a Scrimshander for very many years and still considered myself a beginner.’
    • ‘I have been a scrimshander for 30+ years so feel free to ask questions.’


Mid 19th century: from a variant of scrimshaw + -er.