Definition of scrimp in English:



  • Be thrifty or parsimonious; economize:

    ‘I have scrimped and saved to give you a good education’
    • ‘Gina quits her job and scrimps together enough money to open her own salon.’
    • ‘I was fortunate; my parents scrimped hard to put me through Catholic high school.’
    • ‘Can you scrimp and save enough to cover that cost?’
    • ‘Maguire, silver-haired but with a youthful face, looks surprisingly well put together for a man who scrimps on his clothing budget.’
    economize, skimp, be economical, be more economical, make economies, scrimp and scrape, save
    be thrifty, be frugal, tighten one's belt, cut back, make cutbacks, budget, retrench, husband one's resources, cut costs, cut expenditure, draw in one's horns, watch one's pennies, look after the pence
    pinch the pennies
    rake and scrape
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Mid 18th century (in the sense ‘keep short of food’): from Scots scrimp ‘meagre’; perhaps related to shrimp.