Definition of screw up in English:

screw up

phrasal verb

  • 1(of the muscles of one's face or around one's eyes) contract, typically so as to express emotion or because of bright light.

    ‘his freckled face screwed up with childish annoyance’
    • ‘Before I pretend to pity him, Christopher Bailey's boyish face is already screwing up into a devilishly conspiratorial smirk.’
    • ‘He started when he looked down to see a red, puckered face, screwed up in a scowl while staring up at him.’
    • ‘Mr Black's wrinkly face screwed up to such a degree that he looked like a sun dried tomato.’
    • ‘They sat in the shade, their weather beaten faces screwed up against the harsh light.’
  • 2North American informal Completely mismanage or mishandle a situation.

    ‘I'm sorry, Susan, I screwed up’
    • ‘What am I going to tell my daughter when she screws up?’
    • ‘Hey, an occasional friendship flub is no biggie - everybody screws up.’
    • ‘In any other situation, if an employee screws up, they get fired.’
    • ‘What I love is when the accountant screws up on a simple piece of multiplication.’
    • ‘If Clark screws up, the establishment is going to look pretty silly.’
    • ‘For most of my life, I've been in situations where people expect me to screw up.’
    • ‘The editors are the managers, so if the paper systematically screws up, it's down to them, not the reporters.’
    • ‘I'm thinking a majority of us would rather be governed by a real human than a bunch of people who never admit to actually screwing up.’
    • ‘He's called me on the phone, or pulled me aside when he thought I was screwing up.’
    • ‘And I know I don't hesitate to call him out when I think he's screwing up.’